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Magento Ecommerce Web Design & Development

Magento Ecommerce Web Design & Development

Magento is the ecommerce platform of choice for your ecommerce websites. Packed with everything you need and more Magento delivers an amazing feature list and is packed with everything you need to get started but I offer many services all bespoke and tailored to your needs.

Magento Services

  • Are you looking for a brand new ecommerce website?

    Then contact me for a quote on a new Magneto site, depending on the size of the project I can advise you on what you may need and what I can help you with.

  • I can provide help, advice and development services to any Magento site you may have currently. If your not happy with the performance, customer retention or anything else please contact me and we can get to the bottom of your problems.

  • Magento 2 is the current latest version of Magento and there are a lot of changes both frontend and admin have had a major revamp and upgrading isn’t straight forward. 

    I can take your current site and upgrade it simply and quickly to the newest version of Magento. In this process you will not lose any order, customer, product or category information.

    We can also look at any issues you had on your old site and eradicate them on the newest release as templates are not compatible and will needed to be updated.

  • Sometimes Magento doesn’t have all the functionality needed to complete your specific tasks so they came up with a simple solution…Plugins

    These small apps are designed to work with Magento to extend to functionality so for example the payment services from SagePay or WorldPay isn’t automatically a function that comes with magento so adding this plugin give you now the ability to choose worldpay or whatever as the default payment system.

    If you need to update your site and add a plugin which your not sure how to do this please ask for a quote to do this for you.

  • Magento is complex but doesn’t and cannot cover every eventuality. Sometimes you may find a plugin that will help but what you may find is you’ll need to create a custom plugin.

    A custom plugin can do almost anything on your site and I can developme pluigns for both Magento 1.x and 2.x.

  • Editing anything in Magento can be scary, even with instruction some tasks are a little beyond some people and that’s fine.

    I can add a new theme to your site quickly and simply so you can then start to change the options to how you like.

    I can also install and setup your theme to your requirements so you can get on with what you do best and leave me to do what I do best.

  • Themes are great but they don’t always cover everything that you need or you don’t know exactly how to get that image where it needs to go…

    This is where I can step in quickly and simply edit the theme and change it to what you want. 

    I’m available form a small fix like the example above or to a whole site overhaul and modernising. 

  • Many Magento sites were created years ago and things have changed significantly over the last few years and mobiles are becoming the browser of choice for many shops, so getting this part is essential.

    Not only can I develop a mobile specific site. I can do this without changing a single part of your existing desktop store. I can add it in a way the site will detect when a user is using a mobile and this new theme to override your older desktop site. 

    Sometimes you may want the site to have one template and the template change to a mobile version and a desktop version. This is possible but it will change your current theme as well.

What other options are there?

Magento ecommerce software is powerful enough to handle tens of thousands of products and attributes quickly and easily but sometimes you only want to sell a few products or a product with a couple of options, what then?


WordPress & WooCommerce

Using WordPress & WooCommerce a third party plugin will help you sell online quickly and easily. WooCommerce has a lot of tools and settings needed to sell online.

You can easily hook up to PayPal and Stripe to start trading and seeling online for free.


There is also another option that can take the hosting and major development out of yours and my hands. Shopify is a subscription based website with small elements you can customise yourself.

You can add themes and custom elements to pages relatively easy but all the payment processing pages are of limits giving you lots of security and lets you focus more on the site and products itself.

Bespoke Magento Design in Lancashire

All my sites are bespoke, I will use a base template to structure the site and to save time and money but the end result is truly bespoke. All clients regardless of what you have purchased will have as much or as little input as they want.

We can agree a basic design structure and I can start designing the site and your continued updates, help and content will shape your site to where you want it to be. 

Your site will be 100% mobile responsive meaning it will display correctly across all mobile devices. It will have all the all onsite SEO content complete which includes meta descriptions, page titles and structured easy to read content.

I include Google Analytics and Google My Business as standard this is the best way to get more traffic and also see the traffic flow to build on areas which work well and those that don’t.

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