How to get ahead in local search results

For many small businesses the main source of traffic is through localised search results such as ‘web designer burnley’ or ‘builders in Liverpool’ but Google has also seen a shift in the last year to display local search results for more broad searches keywords like builders.

On many of the SERP (search engine results pages) you can see a list of local businesses in the area your searching and a corresponding map. This SERP is great for mobile searches because if your searching for ‘taxis’ you wouldn’t want national results and show taxi companies from another part of the country.

How do I get on this list?

There are many ways to appear at the top of a SERP but there is only one way to appear on this list and on google maps and that is through ‘Google My Business’.

What started as a Google plus initiative has now grown and even has its own Google My Business App.

All you need to do is set your self up a Google account if you haven’t already and then sign up to Google My Business through the app or in a web browser.

You’ll be asked all the usual questions about your business and but you’ll also be given a chance to enter your business address and also if you go to customers i.e an electrician the area where you service customer at their address.

This will then be used to display your business on the SERP Like this below.



As you can see from the image, your listing is in a prime position, just below the ads and above the organic searches. Which can sometimes be very difficult to be on top.

What else can you display?

With this listing it gives you the opportunity to add information such as:

  • Business name
  • Description
  • Address
  • Business category
  • Telephone number
  • Website address
  • Images
  • Opening hours
  • Service area


Google My Business also has a section for reviews, these can be left by anybody but if you ask your customers to leave honest reviews you will have a nice start rating next to your business result which I believe stands you out from the crowd nicely

Virtual Tour

This is another section which can be used to full effect. We’ve all seen Google’s street view and yes we’ve all gone to our own home but imagine if we could go inside homes or businesses well this is exactly what Virtual Tour is.

Using Google approved companies, who specialise in 360 degree photography you can give potential customer a taste of what they can expect which I believe can give many businesses an added advantage.

Mobile Result

The idea is to improve the results on mobile to help give users the best information possible. Searching for plan2pixel give you this result on mobile.

And as you can see if you’re looking for information on plan2pixel you don’t need to go anywhere else. In one click you can either phone me, get directions, see images, see a map, see when I’m open or go to the website. Really good information.

The same can be seen for desktop but on the right hand side of the search results.

This is something every small business should have and is something I offer all clients as a way to get on the SERP quickly. Contact me if your business needs this setting up correctly or for any web design needs.