SEO, PPC & Adword Campaign Management SEO, PPC & Adword Campaigns can be hard to manage while running a small business. They can also be expensive if you don't know what your doing so let a local expert in Burnley control your SEO & PPC campaigns.

Campaign Goals There is no quick fix on the path to internet domination

Your Site Only Better

As a result of starting your campaign you WILL get more views and clicks, it just works, simple, but the whole point of the an adwords campaign is to maximise your clicks you’re getting by working on your own site first to maximise your investment.

 Better Data

You need to focus on your customers, see what they do on your site and collect some feedback on the way. I have some amazing tools which can help collect clicks, scroll rate, and even record what you actual customers are doing on your site.

The real key to success

We will work together to produce the best click through rates by changing the Ads, landing pages and maximising the clicks you get to get the best rates possible so your paying less for the same if not more traffic to the site.

Adword Goals

Average Click Through Rate


Average Position 1 CTR


Average CTR (Position 1) on Mobile


Return On Investment per £1


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