Wordpress Web Design in Burnley

I’m John Emmett a freelance wordpress designer in Burnley. I can bring your ideas to life using one of the best content management tools in the world.

Why WordPress?

Wordpress is an amazing CMS (Content Management System) system used for about 26% of all websites. Not only is this an amazing statistic but it also means that the software is always going to be current, updated and never out of fashion.

Wordpress Plugins

One of the best things about wordpress is the amazing community that has help shaped the software but also added thousands of plugins which will help your site be everything you wanted it to be and more.

CMS System?

A Content Management System is used to help people without knowledge of web design and coding edit information on a web site. You can quickly and easily add pages, blogs, images and more in any way you want.

WordPress Allows You to Be Creative 

You create things, make beautiful music or design amazing buildings. You shouldn’t have to learn how to be a web designer also. This takes time away from what you should be doing being creative.

Wordpress is the best tool to get quick updates online super fast. Add new blogs and updates via a Smartphone app.

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